Our team

Four visual mercenaries at your service

Iconoclash is a small agency, made up of four experienced partners using methods inspired by exceptional craft skills.

Christophe Mausen

An all-round creative, screenwriter, in charge of pre-production and present during all stages of the production process, he comes up with ideas, plays with concepts and devises graphic environments. He also plays the role of the agency’s interface with the outside world. See his IconoBook (the very first of its kind).

Philippe Gerday

The Jedi of imagery and master of photoshop, Philippe is responsible for post-production. With the dexterity of a goldsmith, he wields the mouse like a scalpel for clipping, integrating and blending the subjects into the borrowed universes we have chosen for them.

Patrick Moriamé

A photographer who is both spontaneous and methodical, passionate about lighting and mindful of perspective, his natural cheerfulness is infectious, rubbing off on even the most recalcitrant of sitters. He draws on his gifts for improvisation and rigour to capture many rare and precious moments.

Céline Léonard

A discreet and meticulous copywriter, her capacity to faithfully convey and structure her subjects’ words is outstanding. Her smooth style and intelligible writing catches the attention of both hurried readers and careful observers. The captions for your posts and IconoBook biography are brought to life with the magic of her pen and pencil.