IconoBooks (Illustrated biographies)

Your life illustrated by 50 staged photos (IconoShoots)

Iconobooks are available in two formats:
digital (website)
and paper (fine books).

The IconoBooks are:

  • Sumptuous, creative portfolios available for free online (and printed as large-format fine books),
  • mainly for media personalities such as professional sports people, artists, television presenters and high-profile business leaders
  • who want to offer their fans a creative work – wow factor guaranteed– presenting their life, career and latest news
  • in order to develop a strong and positive relationship with their admirers.

Specific features

An IconoBook provides:

  • a collection of at least 50 meticulously-staged photographic tableaux (IconoShoots), featuring sets, costumes and special effects;
  • an easily recognisable brand name combining stylish aesthetics and quirky humour;
  • simple, inventive and meaningful texts;
  • constant updates reflecting the personality's latest news, changes in their life and developments in their career;
  • a system for sharing across all social media platforms (page-by-page) to generate profitable traffic;
  • optimised positioning in search engine results.


  • Delight your followers, fans and admirers and engage their interest
  • Provide official information about yourself to people searching for it (Google)
  • Build your personal brand
  • Keep control over your image
  • Establish a digital identity (e-reputation)

IconoBooks offer a solution
to which problems?

From the subject's point of view

  • Control and embellish your communication with fans and anyone looking for information about you (the term "stakeholders" instead of "fans" would be preferable if the subject is a business leader)

From the reader's point of view

  • Access to a celebrity's official biography and latest news at a single, stylish and visually-appealing location


In a nutshell

An Iconobook is a Wikipedia page as styled by Tim Burton or Andy Warhol