is a personal Branding agency for professional athletes and celebrities

Communicate what makes you
unique with style
and distinction !

One of the major trends of this era is personal and social branding. Enhancing your image, creating a narrative, posting selfies, revealing parts of your private life, talking about hobbies, charting your career, communicating your values, associating with noble causes: a whole host of parallel actions you can undertake to build a dynamic and positive image of your personality in your sphere of influence. Private and professional life intermingle to (re)constitute “a unified whole”, an accurate depiction of a personality and the many different facets that make it up.

Iconoclash boosts the image of personalities who wish to promote their own personal brand and control their online identity. It helps celebrities communicate what makes them unique with elegance and refinement. Exceptional photos, carefully-crafted texts and stylish graphics are the ingredients in all Iconoclash publications. Radical and artistic, these highly distinctive creations offer their subjects visibility, credibility and attractivity.

Helping our clients build a clear, coherent and constant self-image with a focused and carefully-planned process is our trademark. And always with a signature, intentionally cheeky touch that makes all the difference.